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Parents play a vital role in their children's sexuality education. However, discussing this topic can be challenging, especially when children have disabilities. Parents United acknowledges the need for effective communication strategies, empowering parents to engage in open and supportive conversations about sexuality with their children. By seizing these opportunities, parents can foster autonomy, quality behavioral development, and inclusive patterns of interaction.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), sexuality education aims to promote psychosexual well-being and respects the rights of all individuals. Parents United aligns with the WHO's vision, addressing the challenges faced by the WHO European Region, such as rising rates of sexually transmitted infections, teenage pregnancies, and sexual violence, particularly among vulnerable groups like individuals with disabilities. By providing holistic sexuality education, Parents United offers scientific information, nurtures mature behaviors and attitudes, and contributes to the development of just societies.

Parents United is an innovative project aimed at promoting social inclusion and providing comprehensive sex education for parents of people with disabilities. By fostering cooperation, exchanging experiences, and sharing good practices, this initiative seeks to empower parents and enhance the well-being of individuals with disabilities. Through upskilling pathways, improved accessibility, and increased uptake of adult education, Parents United aims to create a supportive environment where natural needs and desires can be recognized, intimacy can be explored, and sexual education can be embraced.

Parents United focuses on training parents of people with disabilities to improve their knowledge and skills, utilizing electronic tools and addressing current topics that hold significance in public opinion debates across Europe. Recognizing the imperative of helping people with disabilities understand their natural needs, desires, and sexuality, Parents United provides a clear learning framework with defined outcomes and validated competencies based on European guidelines for non-formal and informal learning.

By addressing shared values, gender equality, non-discrimination, and social inclusion, Parents United aims to promote civic skills and best practices in citizenship education throughout Europe. This project gives a voice to individuals who face challenges in expressing themselves, including parents of people with disabilities. Through dedicated support, it strives to foster awareness of affectivity, sexuality, and inclusion in European societies.

Parents United recognizes the significance of enhancing the competencies of educators and adult education staff. By following European guidelines for the validation of non-formal and informal learning, the project aims to provide qualified courses that make visible the diversity and richness of people's learning experiences outside formal education settings. This validation process ensures quality assurance and enables comparative analysis of learning outcomes at the European level.

Parents United conducts an in-depth analysis of the needs of parents of individuals with disabilities regarding sexual education for their children. Based on these findings, the project develops a methodology and guidelines for effective quality training in emotional and sexual education. These resources equip parents with communication strategies, enabling them to initiate, maintain, and positively influence their child's informal education both at home and within the community.


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