WE ARE COLOURFUL is a project that aims to see diversity as an asset and an added value. In particular, this project intends to address the contemporary European reality of schools which are characterized by students with heterogeneous profiles, differing in cultural background, economic status, and social inequalities.

It was noted that in many schools they found a lack of knowledge of the cognitive, social and emotional development process among their professionals, and often lack tools to address differences in learning processes, neurodevelopmental disorders, or sociocultural diversity and complex intercultural relationship processes.

In order to prevent, identify and reduce problems that arise in classrooms due to differences among students, WE ARE COLOURFUL project was developed by identifying 4 independent but interacting categories of discriminating dimensions, namely neurodevelopmental disorders, learning processes and styles, cultural diversity, and social inequality, in order to work on these within schools and teacher staffing.

In this frame, two important deliverables of WE ARE COLOURFUL project are:

  • The creation of toolkits full of resources and strategies to help teachers, staff working in schools, and any person involved in educational activities with groups of children between the ages of 7 and 10 years to identify learning difficulties and socio-affective problems and address them appropriately.                                         
  • The creation of videos and workshops to promote cultural diversity by aiming to raise awareness of the topic, the variability of intellectual abilities and developmental differences among students, and to promote their potential as a factor of social inclusion.


To learn about the project, check WE ARE COLOURFUL website: https://wearecolourful.eu/