Stories4ALL is a project that aims to support the educational community by combining elements of inclusion, creativity and digital technologies, such as image design, editing, digital story creation tools and 3D printing. The idea is to explore alternative learning pathways designing educational materials appropriate for students with visual impairments, focused on developing creativity and digital skills, fostering feelings of solidarity and inclusiveness.

Typically, educational materials are designed for sighted students, which means that they may not be accessible for a part of the population. Students with vision impairment may feel isolated in the learning environment, which can have an impact on learning.
There is no such thing as a "typical" visually impaired student: impairment can result from a variety of conditions, and its impact will depend on the type, extent, and timing of vision loss, and the impact of disability on learning varies significantly depending on the nature and extent of vision loss. Therefore it is necessary to support educators in teaching methods, adapt educational materials so that they are fully accessible, and create an environment of solidarity and inclusion within students. In fact, creating tactile materials and using 3D printable designs can increase accessibility for people with visual impairments.

Stories4ALL main goals are:

  • The creation and/or conversion of educational materials and stories into a format to be fully accessible.
  • Providing support in the development of digital skills such as story design, image design/editing, and 3D printing, to all the educational community namely families, teachers and students.
  • The creation of a project to design a new story or the transformation of an existing story into visual-audio-tactile (3D printed) material.
  • Training families and teachers of students with visual impairments on how to use the Guide with related digital skills development.
  • The creation of a support system for children with visual impairments and their families through activities that aim to strengthen feelings of inclusion and integration through quality leisure time and strengthening their bonds

To learn about the project, check Stories4ALL website: