Training Rural Woman Entrepreneurs

The project is aimed to define an European pathway on rural women entrepreneurs that improves entrepreneurial skills and competences empowering women of rural areas.

Europe has achieved gender parity in education attainment, but women still remain under-represented in key, growth-enhancing fields of education such as science, technology, engineering and mathematics. Labour markets also exhibit many “gender gaps”. Women are less likely to work for pay, and are more likely to have lower hourly earnings, do more unpaid housework than men. The proportion of female entrepreneurs, at 33% (Labour Survey 2013) (30% in start-ups), is some way short of optimum and most women still do not consider entrepreneurship as a relevant career option. The implementation of European directive on self-employed women should remove a major barrier to female entrepreneurship. But the difference still.

In order to obtain this main objective, project  sets the following operational objectives:

  • To define a European learning pathway on rural women entrepreneurship according to EFQ
  • To develop a course  for women to promote basic and transversal skills to be entrepreneur
  • To define a training methodology that improve the learning process
  • To develop facilitators teaching skills to motivate women's participation
  • To involve trainees and trainers in learning process
  • To provide an environment that promotes the knowledge management, exchange and creation on social entrepreneurship.

TRAIN THE GAP partnership is formed by five different institutions coming from four European countries (Spain, Ireland, Lithuania and Sweden) and each of them representing different actors in the project: women association, training providers, university and innovative social research.

Train the Gap project duration will be of 24 months, starting in October 2015 and ending in September 2017.



Programme: Erasmus+