Helping teachers in building lifelong learning

LLWINGS aims at promoting a new vision of school as the bridge to lifelong learning and active citizenship, through a focus on learning-to-learn competences and joy to learn as the very WINGS for lifelong learning.

LLWings in particular aims to support teachers as the leading actors of bottom-up school innovation in translating the "learning to Learn" goal into practice and daily enhance joy and motivation to learn among their students. This was done by identifying and promoting those teacher competences which are key to transform school in a learning environment built around the learner and open to the territory and its non-formal and informal learning opportunities, so to make the learning process meaningful and relevant, and its sense "owned" by the student.

LLWINGS has been carried out with support of the EU Lifelong Learning program (Comenius). It aimed at supporting European school teachers in transmitting a passion to learn and developing learning skills among students by

  • Identifying relevant teacher competences
  • Developing an online learning system to consolidate and acquire those competences
  • Promoting adoption and consensus within the school community in Europe


LLwings Key Outcomes:

Key Teacher competences for Learning to Learn and motivation of students. Identified through dialogue and research on grass-root practices and focus on learning to learn, autonomy and motivation of students, paying specific attention to the integration of non-formal and informal learning in the school experience. They are now the starting nucleus of the European Certificate

Online learning environment to develop and consolidate LLwings competences A set of learning modules for teachers to reflect upon and consolidate the specific competences identified and an online learning environment where to access these modules and work collaboratively with peers at:

Engagement of the school community – a set of events and consultation activities have been organized in Europe to accompany the development of LLwings outcomes and validate the idea of a European Certificate for teachers based on the LLwings Competence Framework developed in consultation with the widest community of stakeholders.


Recommended reading: default LLWings Competency Framework: Teacher competences required to translate “Learning to Learn” into daily school practice


The LLWINGS project has been carried out with the support of the EU Lifelong Learning Program