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Beiträge von Mitgliedern

Juni 19, 2018

Boosting Adult Educator Competences to Upskill Pathways of Adult Learners - OpenITup

The Erasmus+ project "OpenITup" aims to extend and develop educators' competences in the effective teaching of literacy, digital and entrepreneurial skills to vulnerable groups of adult learners, by making use of effective new tools and technologies.…

67 hits

Mai 25, 2018

Aristotle and Diversity

Democracy and education have been linked as far as Ancient Greece in the writings of Aristotle (384-322 bc.) (Fraser, 1996). Democratic theories of education have been central to the institution of public schooling in the United…

356 hits

April 27, 2018

When you wish you could go back to college

The objective of this article is to better understand the factors that affect the chances of re-engaging early school leavers in education, with a particular focus on the importance of time out from school (duration dependence)…

992 hits

März 26, 2018

Design of adult learning courses

by Natassa

  IDEC participates as partner in the project DEMAL that developed two e-learning courses for staff in adult education sector: Design of adult learning Evaluation of adult learning The first course on Design has been launched…

1963 hits

Februar 16, 2018

First European Education Summit - EU calls for Lifelong Learning initiatives

by Miriam

On 25th January the first EU Education Summit with 18 Education Ministers and 450 Experts took place in Brussels. The Education Summit is another step on the road to a European education space, which the Commission…

246 hits

Januar 29, 2018

Multilingual strategies and tools for teachers to promote an inclusive education

Linguistic adaptation is a central theme in the different stages of education, but especially in secondary education and initial vocational training. Improving the linguistic adaptation process of immigrant students can contribute to improving not only academic…

4364 hits

Dezember 27, 2017

DQ-SKILLS for Digital Citizenship

In the last decades we have seen a transformation of our reality, each day more and more influenced and linked to the digital world. No one doubts that we are experiencing a profound change that, supported…

4520 hits

November 11, 2017

Munich meeting | Validation of non-formal and informal learning outcomes in Higher Education

The 2nd partner meeting took place in Munich, from 9th to 10th October 2017. The event was hosted by the Ludwig-Maximilians-University Munich (Germany). The partner organisations discussed VNIL (validation of non-formal and informal learning outcomes) in…

3522 hits

Juni 09, 2017

Corporate Volunteering: The prototype of the CVPLUS Platform is now available

The CV Plus project aims to build a bridge between the world of business and education through Corporate Volunteering initiatives. It was designed to train managers from companies and educational centers, employees and teachers, in the…

4875 hits


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