The transnational SECOVE project aims to create a network of Centres of Excellence in the field of sustainable energy. The centres will operate as local/regional centres of excellence in cooperation with local companies and institutions working in the fields of energy, renewable energy and energy efficiency, construction and local development. The project will create a platform of Centres of Vocational Excellence in 5 different European countries, which will include training materials that will make vocational training more relevant to the needs of the current labour market. It will also foster a European culture of innovation, sustainability and inclusion in the sustainable and renewable energy sector.
The project will benefit students, vocational training institutions, sustainable energy companies, policy makers at local, national and European level. An innovative element is the promotion of women in vocational training and education and their better and more meaningful involvement in technical professions. The project will organise local and national workshops, capacity building events, mobility, summer academies for female students, exchange programmes for students and teachers, innovation competitions and national conferences.
In Slovakia, the project will translate into better links between vocational education and science, research institutions and the private sector, strengthening dual and inclusive education and supporting students beyond their vocational studies.
The project started in July 2022 and will run for four years.

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The SECOVE project, Sustainable Energy Centres of Vocational Excellence (project number: 101056201) is a consortium of 22 partners from 5 countries (Greece, Portugal, Slovakia, Spain and Italy). In Slovakia, in addition to the Secondary Industrial School of Civil Engineering and Geodesy in Košice, the project also involves the Technical University of Košice (Faculty of Economics and Faculty of Civil Engineering), IZOLA, the Slovak Chamber of Civil Engineers and ASTRA.