quality assurance in non-formal and informal learning

The SiQuCAE partnership has developed and tested quality assurance systems in order to: increase the quality of and access to validation of non-formal and informal learning, qualify the training and work systems in partner countries, improve the effectiveness of investment in validation of non-formal and informal learning.

Recession that characterized the last years of the European economy has had an enormous effect on the labour market. Studies show positive signals for employment by 2020, but only if policies and instruments able to facilitate the mobility of workers from one sector to another are put in place and only if we manage to validate and recognize learning outcomes achieved in a non/ informal context. In this direction, it becomes urgent: optimizing access to all levels of education, improving flexibility in the recognition of learning outcomes and how they lead to achievement of qualifications.

SiQuCAE contributes to challenges in the validation of non formal and informal learning by:

  • improving governance systems on RPL.
  • establishing frameworks for quality assurance of RPL.
  • the identification of partner organisations' quality label.
  • training of labour and training workers.
  • accreditation of providers.

Text: Quality assurance of the validation of non-formal and informal learning