University Social Responsibility

USR-NET promotes the incorporation of University Social Responsibility (USR) in University curricula and synergies among the Universities community and other stakeholders. The project is developing a learning guide of transversal contents for USR along with awareness raising actions.

The project is:

Based on 4 main axes

  • Reflection on USR and its different dimensions
  • Inclusion of USR in University curricula and actions within University communities
  • Synergy between University communities and other stakeholders (enterprises, schools, NGOs, policy-makers, institutions, etc.)
  • Exchange of ideas and transfer of knowledge through practice among different actors.

Following a 3-layer approach

OPENING UP MINDS. Providing an open space for all interested and related stakeholders to engage in a process of discovery, discussion and exchange on the USR concept and role of Higher Education Institutions (HEIs).

UNLEASHING INNOVATIVE IDEAS. Promoting interdisciplinary and cross-sectoral cooperation to achieve the right conditions for innovative ideas to flourish and foster creativity and sustainability within and outside HEIs.

ADDING VALUE. Implementing and incorporating USR in University curricula as transversal action, focusing on regional and sectoral particularities, needs and weaknesses and addressing prevalent issues on an ad hoc basis (ie. environment, gender equality, employment, etc.).


Website: European Network of Socially Responsible Universities