teaching tool that helps teachers to transfer tacit competences to VET students

Tools to help the teachers to develop, mobilize and valorize the transversal competences in their learners requested by the companies acquired through informal learning. The project aims to develop a teaching tool that should help teachers to transfer tacit competences to VET students in accordance with the requirements of the industry in order to facilitate their access to the labour market. The focus is made on transversal competences.

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NTNC intends

To adjust the VET systems, adapting and completing the professional profiles according to the real needs of the labour market.

To offer teachers/trainers pedagogical tools to allow them to train their learners in the transversal competences requested by companies.

To contribute to the development of key competences, generally acquired by non-formal and informal means throughout life.


NTNC provides:

  • Report on “best practices” in exchange methodologies and techniques between companies and VET systems in Spain, Austria, Denmark, Greece and Italy.
  • Report on productive contexts and most significant values of companies.
  • Identification of main transversal competences requested by companies, described according to the European Qualifications Framework.
  • Development and edition of didactic resources in digital format, validated for the qualification of teachers/trainers in the mobilization and valorisation of transversal competences in their learners.


Runtime: 2011 - 2013
Program Scheme: Lifelong Learning Program of the European Union
Sub-Program: Leonardo da Vinci
Promoter: Universidad de Oviedo, Spain