Assessing Learning Outcomes in E-learning

The TALOE project intends to promote the internal consistency of online courses by using the ALOA model (Aligning Learning Outcomes and Assessment) and developing a web-tool to help teachers and trainers decide on the e-assessment strategies to use in their online courses.

This web-tool is aimed to raise teachers' awareness about the variety of e-assessment strategies in order to achieve better quality of the learning process. TALOE assumes that a teacher/trainer will describe the learning outcomes of the course or module and then use the TALOE web-tool online to analyse them and provide the most appropriated e-assessment strategy that is consistent with the set of intended learning outcomes.


The TALOE project has:

  • Researched and selected innovative e-assessment practices that take advantage of the use of technology
  • Developed a web-based tool that is easy to use by the stakeholders
  • Tested the implementation of the tool with real case studies
  • Distributed and disseminated the TALOE web-tool among the communities of stakeholders

Find out more about this project on the website of the University of Porto.