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In the dynamic realm of social entrepreneurship and innovation, a project is making significant waves, and it's poised to leave an indelible mark. Meet CHAMPION, an acronym representing: "Cultural Heritage-Based Social Entrepreneurship and Innovation".


Project Overview:
CHAMPION transcends the typical project scope; it's a collaborative initiative generously funded by the European Union under the KA220-ADU framework. This endeavor unites a consortium of committed partners, each bringing unique expertise to the table, all geared toward catalyzing positive change in the lives of individuals with a migrant background.


Our Vision:
At the very heart of CHAMPION lies a compelling vision. We envision a future where individuals from migrant backgrounds possess the tools, skills, and opportunities essential for economic and social thriving. Our strong belief is that social entrepreneurship, deeply rooted in the diverse tapestry of cultural heritage, can be an extraordinary catalyst for this transformation.


CHAMPION's focus centers on two primary beneficiaries:

1.Adults with a Migrant Background: Our primary objective is to empower adults who have migrated to partner countries within the European Union. We are wholeheartedly committed to equipping them with a comprehensive set of knowledge, skills, and competences that are indispensable for exploring and engaging in social entrepreneurship ventures.

2. Local Communities: Going beyond the individual, CHAMPION extends its profound impact to the local communities where these individuals reside. We are unwaveringly dedicated to contributing to local economic development, fostering job creation, and preserving cultural heritage within these vibrant communities.


Key Project Activities:
The CHAMPION project boasts a comprehensive range of activities, ensuring a holistic approach to empowerment:

- Research and Analysis: We embark on deep-reaching research endeavors to understand the pivotal factors linked to the creation of social enterprises by people with a migrant background. These research findings inform our strategies, anchoring them firmly in data-driven insights.

- Curriculum Development: Our team meticulously crafts a tailored curriculum and syllabus. These resources are designed to facilitate practical, action-oriented learning experiences and include a skills matrix and an innovative assessment approach.

- Training and Support: We offer meticulously designed training programs accompanied by unwavering support. Our core goal is to enable individuals to seamlessly translate their newly acquired skills into practical ventures. This journey is underpinned by an action-centered pedagogical approach.

- Empirical Studies: CHAMPION is deeply engaged in empirical research efforts. These efforts place equal focus on understanding both the factors that lead to success and those that contribute to failure in the creation of social enterprises and social initiatives by migrants. We firmly believe that understanding these dynamics is crucial.

- Partnerships: Collaboration is the cornerstone of CHAMPION. We work closely and synergistically with a network of esteemed organizations and experts, leveraging diverse resources and knowledge for maximum impact.


Meet Our Esteemed Partners:
MYARTIST (Greece) is proud to be part of this transformative journey, standing shoulder to shoulder with an exceptional team of partners:

- Global Chamber of Commerce for Portuguese Speaking Countries (Coordinator)
- EOLAS S.L. (Spain)
- VAEV Research and Development Agency GmbH (Austria)
- CESIE (Italy)


Get Involved:
To our valued community members, we extend a heartfelt invitation to join us on this profoundly meaningful journey. Whether you're an individual eager to participate, an organization interested in collaborative endeavors, or someone simply eager to stay informed about our progress, your involvement is invaluable.

Explore our website to dive deeper into the project, understand our objectives, and learn more about our esteemed partners. Together, as a united community of practitioners, we possess the collective power to empower communities, celebrate cultural heritage, and illuminate a brighter future for all. 

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