Moving from the Margins of Society

The MMS project is developing tools to assist migrants and minority communities to be part of the society and community in which they are living. Its aim is to provide a practical approach to addressing the reality within migrant and minority communities of being at the margins of society. One of the fundamental principles of Europe is the freedom of movement as exampled in the European Year of Workers Mobility 2006. There are many studies and research papers which demonstrate the economic benefits which derive from mobility.

However this can bring and particularly at a time of economic recession social and political pressures of resentment from the indigenous community. This sense of prejudice can lead members of the target groups to having low self-confidence and lacking a sense of ownership in local society. We need to address this by ensuring public services are inclusive and recognise cultural backgrounds.The focus of our project through training and workshops is to enable this dialogue to take place between the public sector and citizens from migrant / minority communities who are on the margins of society.

Programme: EU Lifelong Learning Program
Implementation period: 2014 - 2015
Promoter: Community Action Dacorum, United Kingdom
Facebook:  Moving from the Margins of Society