To bring Europe back to growth and higher levels of employment, Europe needs more entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurship is a key competence – powerful driver – to increase the competitiveness and economic growth of EU economies. A number of tools have been created to support the development of an entrepreneurial mindset among EU citizens, among which HEInnovate for higher education institutions. The European Commission and the OECD have joined forces in the development of HEInnovate. HEInnovate is a self-assessment tool for Higher Education Institutions who wish to explore their innovative potential. It is free, confidential and open to anyone to use. The Council of the European Union invites the Member States to enhance the entrepreneurial and innovative capabilities of higher education institutions through the use of the HEInnovate self-assessment tool.

The aim of the project RE-ACT (Self-reflection Tools for Smart Universities Acting Regionally) is to help in exploiting the potential of HEInnovate self-reflection tool for the design and implementation of Regional Innovation Strategy (RIS3). The tool HEInnovate for RIS3 will support HEIs to rethink and reposition their strategies, structures and actions through a holistic approach to innovation and entrepreneurship, regionally embedded and supported by collaborative links among key actors of the quadruple helix.

The expected project results are:

  • HEInnovate for RIS3 online self-assessment tool and supporting resources,
  • capacity building programmes and resources for HEIs and regional actors,
  • HEIs’ self-assessment, organisational action plan and joint positioning,
  • RIS3 design and other collaborative processes leveraged by HEIs and engaging key actors of the quadruple helix,
  • trans-regional spillovers underpinned by a validated framework and facilitated by an effective peer support mechanism,
  • White Paper with policy recommendations for HEInnovate for RIS3.

The project is realized in consortium with the partners from Belgium, Hungary, Italy, Portugal, Romania and Slovakia.

We are delighted to present Newsletter#1 of the project RE-ACT– Self-reflection tools for smart Universities acting regionally.


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Project number: 612903-EPP-1-2019-1-PT-EPPKA3-PI-FORWARD