Intrapreneurship and the intrapreneur have entered the business vocabulary quite recently, but in a short time they have managed to attract interest, especially in the leading sector and industry of ICT. Competition, the need for the development of new ideas, the ever changing business and corporate environment, leave no options to simply overlook creativity wherever it comes from. Companies and businesses need all too often to rely on the innovative entrepreneurial potential of their human resources. What organisations have to do is allow intrapreneurship to flourish, stimulating and supporting potential intrapreneurs.

To this end, the EU funded project “Intraprise - Infusing entrepreneurial skills in the corporate ICT environment”, under the Erasmus+ programme of the European Commission, develops an intrapreneurial training program for ICT companies’ managers and employees to adopt an ‘intrapreneurial culture’ in their working environments.  This will support practical training in intrapreneurial competences and skills through e-learning, on-the-job action, and peer-learning.

At the moment, we are exploring ‘the way things are done’ in the intracompany communities of ICT enterprises in Cyprus, Belgium, Greece, Italy, Romania, and Spain, the EU countries involved in Intraprise. From there on, we will start putting the bolts and nuts together to come up with intrapreneurial training material that fits the needs, the daily routines, and the attitudes of our prospect intrapreneurial ‘devotees’, who will then be given the opportunity to use and test our learning provision.

The work is carried out by the Cyprus University of Technology (project coordinator), RNDO Ltd also coming from Cyprus, MTC sprl and Eurocio from Belgium, Militos Consulting S.A. and Found.ation from Greece, Melius s.r.l from Italy, Singular Logic from Romania, and Rambla Asesores (RBS) from Spain.

For more information you may visit the project website