Game e-Commerce in rural areas
Transform@ project consortium

Rural regions not only offer natural and healthy life! They can also provide opportunities to develop innovative and successful business ideas where e-commerce can play a decisive role, bringing services and products where before could not come. TransForm@ is a Transnational project aimed at encouraging the digital transformation of commerce sector in rural areas, by enhancing people’s digital and e-business related skills through a game-based training.

VET centre’s managers, teachers and students, (aspirant) young entrepreneurs, people from enterprise organisations, job services, business consulting services as well as inhabitants of rural areas, will find here new tools to train skills for e-commerce in rural areas.


Transform@ project is: 

  • Open and innovative entrepreneurship education
  • Digital transformation of rural commerce
  • Ω Employability and entrepreneurship in rural areas.


TransForm@ project pursues 3 main objectives:

  • To enhance people's digital and e-business related skills;
  • To increase employability and entrepreneurship in rural areas;
  • To facilitate young people's transition from training to the world of work.


The Transform@ Consortium main outputs are:

  • The “Training on e-Commerce in rural areas”: online training course on e-commerce in rural areas;
  • The “e-Commerce in rural areas serious game”: an online game to improve e-business related skills in an international environment.


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