increasing the ability and motivation of educators to use digital learning resources

The rapid adoption of internet-enabled phone and tablets has revolutionised the way we live and work, but not yet in too many cases the way students are taught in vocational training or higher education. Although digital and mobile resources are proven to increase adult learner engagement and information retention, yet only 1 in 5 students are taught by digitally confident and supportive teachers. This absence of integration of digital learning tools is mainly caused by lack of confidence and training and as a result, very few students across Europe are taught material aided and supported by digital supports.

A new momentous EU project has just started to tackle the issue above: MODERN - Mobile and Digital E-learning Toolkit.

The project addresses all those engaged in education and training, focusing on increasing the ability and motivation of trainers, tutors and lecturers to use digital learning resources as a means to more effective and relevant teaching. The ultimate aim is to cause a positive impact on students (benefiting learning outcomes and engagement) and on the teaching and training sector as a whole.

The project, which targets both VET and HE teachers, will produce:

  • An Audit of Digital and Interactive learning resources for VET and HE that will identify and categorise +70 MODERN (mobile, online and digital) teaching/learning resources
  • A Pedagogic assessment of the most promising mobile and digital e-learning resources for VET and HE, detailing strengths and weaknesses of top 20 mobile and digital learning resources based on potential for innovative pedagogic strategies
  • The MODERN Toolkit, entailing the development of a series of interactive materials based on the top 20 MODERN tools selected. The Toolkit will provide practical guidance and tools to educators wishing to incorporate mobile and digital e-learning resources
  • A MODERN Innovation in Teaching Course Curriculum and Content, a short course to motivate/guide educators to pursue more innovative pedagogic strategies using mobile and digital e-learning resources

The project will make a real impact by providing educators with a convenient and user-friendly set of innovative tools which they can use to engage with students and adult learners on mobile devices.

The consortium is formed by education and training specialists, ranging from the profit to the non-profit and public sectors. Project coordinator is the UK-based Canice Consulting Limited, an international consultancy in the field of business education, specialised in digital e-learning and marketing platforms. Momentum Consulting (IE), a digital savvy Irish training organisation, will lead the resource creation.

Two HE institutions, the Universitat Politecnica de Valencia (ES) and the University of Szczecin (Poland) are part of the project team. The partnership also benefits from the participation of the largest European multidisciplinary Association in University Lifelong Learning – eucen (European University Continuing Education Network) - and of a European-wide professional association - EfVET (European Forum of Technical and Vocational Education and Training).

To know more about the project, visit the MODERN website.