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This year, the EAEA Grundtvig Award will be given to a project successful in engaging new groups of learners.

One of the key challenges in adult education is often described as the “Matthew effect” – those who have will be given more and those who don’t will have less. This means that those who already have higher levels of education are more likely to participate in adult education. Partly this is due to the fact that they are more likely to be in the kinds of jobs where their employers offer training through their companies, but also because they more likely have positive experiences with learning and are therefore more likely to participate voluntarily.

Adult education organisations have been very creative in reaching out to new learners, and that is why this year’s EAEA Grundtvig Award will highlight these initiatives.

Celebrating innovation and excellence in adult education, the EAEA Grundtvig Award is given annually to projects that produce new ideas, new partnerships, new methodologies and a new understanding on how we can work in adult learning. In 2017, the EAEA is looking for projects that reach out to and engage new groups of learners in adult education.

This year’s award campaign aims at raising awareness about adult education initiatives for engaging new learners, and about the importance of adult education when it comes to helping people out of the “low-skills trap”.

The EAEA Grundtvig Award is given to adult education projects in three categories: international projects, European projects and national/regional projects.


  • The project must clearly demonstrate that it is in line with the theme “engaging new learners”;
  • It must have evidence of outputs such as a report, website, DVD, or any form of verification;
  • It is desirable that the project is transferable and/or useful for others;
  • The presentation of a learner’s story will be seen as a plus;
  • The project or the initiative should be up and running for at least a few months and/or be close to completion.We also accept finished projects but they should have ended within two years of the Grundtvig ceremony (i.e. June 2015).
  • We are looking particularly for projects that demonstrate creativity and new forms of working with learners who have not participated in adult learning previously

All eligible nominees will be disseminated through EAEA’s Europe-wide communication channels. In addition to that, the winning organisations gain an invitation to the EAEA General Assembly and the EAEA Grundtvig Award Ceremony organised in Girona, Spain, between 27 and 28 of June 2017, including travel and accommodation.

The winners gain:

  • Recognition and honour;
  • The certificate of attendance;
  • An EAEA Grundtvig Award (a piece of art or handicraft);
  • An invitation to a person of the winning organisations to the EAEA General Assembly 2017 in Girona, Spain (27/28 June 2017) and the EAEA Grundtvig Award Ceremony including travel and accommodation;
  • Key slot in the EAEA Grundtvig Award publication that will be distributed in EAEA's events and networks;
  • International visibility of the project in EAEA's social media channels and EAEA website also after the ceremony;
  • Appearance in EAEA’s press-release after the competition.

The application deadline is 10 April 2017.

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