The INCOBOTICS: Ready for Industry 5.0 project (2019-2021) unites four EU partners from France, Italy, Greece and Spain in the development of innovative didactic materials in cobotics.

Future electronics and robotics graduates will be required to work alongside AI data technicians to programme, monitor and analyse the data fed into and coming from cobots and their integrated artificial vision (AV) systems. Skilled programming and monitoring will see cobots safely perform an ever wider range of (interactive) functions in the world of work. The INCOBOTICS project has created an INCOBOTICS Module with a general visual introduction to Industry 5.0 for all students, presenting examples from companies in each partner region. It covers the main characteristics and functions of cobots and has developed structured units of learning in understanding and programming cobots and AV systems. The Project is developing a Best Practice Guide for teachers and trainers that offers "challenges" for students around which to develop competence in cobotics. The Guide will support user staff in the understanding of Challenge Based Learning and how to adapt or develop challenges for students in their cobotics and other courses.

The INCOBOTICS Module and Best Practice Guide will be soon tested by pilot groups in Spain, France and Italy in 2021, refined and freely available in Sept 2021 for downloading from the project website. The final products will be reviewed and validated by major cobot distributors and industrial representatives from partner countries. Politeknika Txorierri (ES), ADAMICS (FR), APRO (IT) and IDEC (EL) aim to provide higher education providers with the most innovative, quality and ready to use didactical materials in cobotics which will see student graduates in electronics and robotics better prepared for the emerging 5.0 scenario. The INCOBOTICS Module comes with integrated ECT accreditation guidelines. All INCOBOTICS outputs will be produced under the Creative Commons License. Project partners actively encourage higher educational organisations and other training entities to use the INCOBOTICS: Ready for Industry 5.0 Module and Guide.

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