Education and Employment Pathways for Speakers of Other Languages

This project aimed at organisations from the Employability sector and the Adult Education/Training sectors. The project provided information on how to engage with and support Ethnic Minority groups and Migrants into employment through job shadowing, work placement, employer engagement and vocational language training and employability skills development. The results included a Research Report from each partner country detailing target groups and employment sectors; examples of the transferred materials from the project (Skills Audit Toolkit, Vocational Language Course, Study Skills Course, Empowerment Course and Equipped For the Future Course);feedback from beneficiaries and trainers. The products from the project will be integrated into core activities of partner organisations.

The project transferred successful employability and vocational training materials and methods that were developed through the coordinators' previous EQUAL project. These materials include a 'Skills Audit Toolkit' which was adapted from original materials produced by the Scottish partner and made relevant to the employment sectors in each of the partner countries. The materials from the Skills Audit Toolkit were piloted and evaluated by beneficiaries in each of the partner countries. The materials were rated as successful by the beneficiaries who indicated that they were very useful in helping them to identify their skill sets and training needs relevant to specific employment sectors.

Other materials in the project include a ‘Vocational Language Course' which developed the language skills and vocabulary necessary to allow beneficiaries to apply for jobs and be selected for job interviews with more success than they previously achieved. Language skills were targeted as it was a problem area identified by employers and careers guidance agencies. In addition, language for workplace situations was also developed. Furthermore, two other courses, 'Empowerment' and 'Equipped For the Future' dealt with specific employability issues, where beneficiaries were made 'work-ready' with the relevant awareness of cultural and integration issues within the labour markets of partner countries.



Funding Scheme: EU Lifelong Learning Program


Source: ADAM database