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  • The project developped a database providing at more than 500 lemmas in International Sign related to the lexical domain of digital and ICT.

    International Sign is the so-called lingua franca choosen by the Deaf community in order to communicate in international meetings and conferences, or simply when two deaf people coming from different countries meet.

    As a result of the project, Deaf individuals will have the opportunity to expand their skills and knowledge at an era where digital competences have become an essential requirement in today‚Äôs job market.  

    The material will be delivered online through an open website which will be divided into six different subdomains around the fields of:

    1. Computer science
    2. Cloud networking
    3. Internet of Things (IoT)
    4. Artificial Intelligence (AI)
    5. Robotics
    6. Audiovisual and media production

    The project is coordinated by the Turin Institute for the Deaf based in Italy, and is supported by a great partnership: Equalizent (Austria), Funteso (Spain), APEA (Portugal), Budakov films (Bulgaria), Emphasys (Cyprus) and Dlearn (Italy).

    The videos of the glossary are recorded and edited by Deaf people from the Institute and Equalizent, whereas the other "hearing" partners are in charge of the control of the full accessibility of all the project and the products, as well as the support of the research of the contents.

    The project is almost at the end of its path: the main contents have been producted, in this last three months the aim is to improve Guidelines for employers that want to hire d/Deaf people in the digital market.

    Last meeting of the project is on the 24th February 2023 in Sofia, Bulgaria.

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