Vince workshop Munich

The 2nd partner meeting took place in Munich, from 9th to 10th October 2017. The event was hosted by the Ludwig-Maximilians-University Munich (Germany). The partner organisations discussed VNIL (validation of non-formal and informal learning outcomes) in Higher Education from different ankles, such as with regard to its meaning for

  • higher education policies
  • exam regulations
  • human resource management
  • student-centered learning
  • pedagogical and didactical innovation
  • ownership of learning

The overall question was how VNIL is changing the learning, teaching and organisational culture in Higher Education.

Moreover, the partners during the meeting developed a common approach for conducting case studies in all participating countries. The case studies are expected to deliver important insights into migrants' and refugees' experience with VNIL, as part of their integration in the welcoming country. The interviews will be conducted with students and VNIL practitioners as well. After completion, the cases will by analysed with a view to identify common succesful or challenging aspects of the cases. Following this, an open call for case studies will be published.

Last but not least the partnership over the past months has elaborated guidelines for HE staff, to help those professionals supporting newcomers and refugees in accessing Higher Education. Key issues were: What do newcomers and refugees normally ask? Which are their worries? And if they ask questions, what answers do they receive? In summary, the guidelines are meant to help HE staff to understand which are the questions of newcomers and what to answer when those questions are asked.