The Erasmus+ KA204 project "4 Elements of Arts" aims to support educators working with adults from disadvantaged backgrounds and people with (specific) learning difficulties and talents. 4 ELEMENTS IN ART explores the potential of the 4 elements - predominant images in European culture - in relation to art, artistic socialisation, creativity and creative thinking, focusing on the stories represented in works of visual art, paintings, drawings, sculptures, etc. The project aims to improve adult educators' skills in the arts, cultural heritage, and English language learning.

The project engages adult learners in adult education and learning throughout their adult lives. It also aims to improve learners' language, digital, and creative/artistic thinking skills and strengthen their sense of inclusion.

The results of the project:

  • 4 Elements in Art Digital Book: are you an adult educator and/or a foreign language teacher? The digital book has everything you are looking for! It presents lesson plans based on the artwork on the four elements and gives you guidelines on how to use these materials with your adult learners.

  • Toolkit for Adult Educators: in our toolkit you will find additional resources to use with your adult learners: Sign Language videos describing artwork related to the four elements, methodological recommendations, and a database of useful adult education resources and tools compiled by the partners in this project. We will explain how to best use these materials and guide you toward a better understanding of how European heritage and identity are represented through the visual arts in your learning groups.

  • Interactive collection of artworks: In this section you will find an interactive collection of artworks related to the four elements - earth, water, air and fire - from different EU countries. Take a look at the artworks selected by the partners and use them with your adult learners either in English or in the national languages of the partner countries. We have also adapted selected stories in Braille. You can learn more about them here.