Benchmarking tool for quality assurance in vocational training institutes

BEQUAL is a Lifelong Learning Development of Innovation project that has developed a portal on the theme of quality assurance in VET and an on-line benchmarking tool to be used by VET providers to benchmark their quality assurance systems with their peers. The benchmarking tool is based on the European Reference Framework for quality assurance in VET (EQAVET) and on the EFQM excellence model. It is available in ten different European languages and it gathers benchmarking data from more than 450 VET institutions.

The project produced an online benchmarking tool, which can be used to compare quality practices of vocational training institutes (VET) with each other, and to identify best practices. The objectives are: to develop quality assurance in vocational education and training institutes, to promote the use of the European Quality Assurance Framework, to allow its practical application through the use of online benchmarking tool and best practice database.


The benchmarking tool consists of:

  • Benchmarking methodology: A report describing the theoretical background, the state of the art in the theme of quality assurance in VET, analysing similar software tools and proposing a methodology for the benchmarking tool
  • Benchmarking questionnaire: The core of the benchmarking tool is a multiple choice questionnaire to be filled in by VET providers
  • Best practices template and instructions: A tool to assist VET providers to compile their best practices in a consistent way for on-line publication
  • Specifications for the on-line benchmarking tool: a document describing the technical requirements and providing a design of the software tool.
  • On-line benchmarking tool: The electronic tool, which is an on-line questionnaire, placed on the portal, individual and statistic reports.
  • Collection of quality profiles that will be the benchmark data for the comparison.
  • Collection of best practices. VET providers with excellent performance in some quality criteria are being asked to submit their best practices. The best practices then go through a selection, evaluation and revision process before publication.


The benchmarking tool is free to use with a simple registration procedure. Visit the portal at BEQUAL


Runtime: 2008 - 2010
Program Scheme: Lifelong Learning Program of the European Union
Sub-Program: Leonardo da Vinci
Promoter: IDEC, Greece
Website: BEQUAL