young people produce explanatory videos

ReSoLVe aims at developing the German video platform to European usability. is aimed to become a European video platform which is used by young people during their vocational orientation or training in order to explain how to solve occupational tasks. Thereby it provides a module in European information space as well as in European space of lifelong learning. By applying highest European standards of data security, offers young people appropriate space for their self-produced videos. The platform will be translated into English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Polish, Romanian and Russian.

The project adds a subtitle-function to the platform. Linguistic encouragement is beginning at two levels:

A) A subtitle-function implemented in the platform. It provides the opportunity to either translate self-produced material as well as videos from others into other languages

B) or to watch them.

For a long time, subtitles have been disregarded as a didactic instrument. By the middle of the 1980s it was shown that subtitles do not draw off attention from the spoken word, but they are always being noticed as additional information (Vanderplank 1988). Web 2.0 offers the opportunity to provide audio-visual contents independently with subtitles. The production of subtitles is an active method of learning languages because it requires various considerations and use of context knowledge (Sokoli 2006). Young people with migration background can bring languages onto the platform which are not native in project countries. The subtitle function supports de-localized and Europeanised  learning. Young people in Europe will deal with job-related specific contents in a foreign language before leaving their home country. In addition handling international resources as well as net and communication structures will be encouraged. The platform provides the possibility to attach videos to a job application. ReSoLVe will verify if these visual evidences of professional competence are acknowledged by European employers.



Sub-programme: LEONARDO DA VINCI

Action: LEONARDO DA VINCI Transfer of innovation

Implementation period: 2013 - 2015

Promoter: Institute for technology and Education, University of Bremen

Website: Resolve at University Bremen