Open University Studies for Virtual Mobility

The aim of this project is to open university studies for virtual mobility (VM) by training teachers and academic staff on how to design master study program curricula, using OER and applying correct licensing, how to establish collaborative trusted relationships in curriculum design for multicultural exchange and how to integrate these opening education innovations in everyday practices. In order to reach this aim, the following objectives will be met in the project:

The project is developing training materials for teachers and university staff on how to design VM curricula using, OER and creative commons (CC) licenses. Moreover, university staff will be trained during short-term mobility visits on VM curriculum design (using OER and CC licenses).

The consortium universities collaboratively develop a VM curriculum (modules) for a Master degree program (field - Education sciences) with the participation of teachers from the consortium universities. In total the project will develop a master level study program in Education science composed of 10 modules. The modules will be developed using the best experience from the partners’ universities in the field of education, ICT, management and etc. which means that the program will be interdisciplinary, covering modules from the field of education, IT, management, etc. It will be used as a unique on-line program or splitted and used by modules.

For the time being the following open courses are available from the project platform:

  • Pedagogy of Online Education
  • Web Ethics
  • Narrative Ethics
  • School Leadership
  • Education for Sustainable Development
  • Education in Information and Communication Technologies
  • Learning, Development and Personality
  • Curriculum Design and Management
  • Inter-cultural education and communication
  • Management of Education Innovations
  • Concepts of adult education


Programm: Erasmus+ Program of the European Union
Runtime: 2014 - 2016

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