Christoph Schmitt

Christoph Schmitt

Wednesday, 02 November 2016 14:08

Was kommt nach der hierarchischen Organisation?

discuss hierachieWenn Unternehmen "umstellen" auf Selbstorganisation, wenn schwerfällige Modelle von formaler Hierarchie durch autonome Netzwerk-Stukturen ersetzt werden sollen (Stichwort "holacracy"), dann folgen frustrierende Erfahrungen meist auf den Fuß.

discuss dead letterThere are two objects taken as an exasperating and unavoidable duty by the vast majority of people outside my bubble: to study and to job.

Therefore and amongst others, two vital and increasing societal movements alarm this vast majority: the so-called „lifelong learning“ and „to job up to your seventies“. The liquidation of former accepted age limits causes deep uncertainty.

And this is the first dilemma, focused by a saying that sails through the web for months now: „Those who require us to work until we’re seventy are the same who refuse giving us a job after we passed our fiftieth birthday.“

But there’s also a second dilemma: to stay connected to the job market, I have to seamless participate in further education – although nobody can anticipate, in which direction this market will move.