Communities of Practice - Experience, stories and insights

Reflections on Communities of Practice is an audio series created to bring together experts in the EdTech and Lifelong Learning field in general. This initiative aims at bringing more visibilty to the DISCUSS community on the one hand and to learn from other experiences, on the other hand. The lessons learned and the good practices do matter not only for improvement purposes but also to ignite some reflection on the topic beyond the theoretical underpinnings.



The following request was sent via email to experts and researchers in the Ed Tech learning community:

My idea is to get insights from you on CoPs based on your experience and stories. If you wish to help me with this one: have a look at Discuss Community You can register with your Twitter or Facebook account, record an audio file (MP3 would be great) between 6 and 9 min answering the following

  1. Introduce yourself
  2. What is your experience with CoPs?
  3. What do you think is the most relevant thing a CoP for lifelong learning should offer?
  4. Why? (your experience and lessons learned are very welcome)

Send me the recording which I would, with your permission post onto my audioboom channel and later embed on the DISCUSS homepage.


The results

The response to the email was great and many immediately reacted and sent their contributions. The series Reflections on Communities of Practice has been since then created and accessible under Reflections on Communities of Practice. The list is growing and many have expressed an interest in contributing to the channel in the near future. Thank you for that !



A special thanks goes to Inge de Waard who has also contributed to this series in her own way and was kind enough to write a blog post and record a Video which she shared on many channels social media.